Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Mystery Cracks Open

After brunch today my step-daughter and I were looking at the Cheeples playing in their outside pen. Out of the roughly two dozen chicks, just one has green legs. It could be an Ameraucana sport, and sports are certainly possible with the Mystery Assortment. Or it could be a Buttercup. I checked the Internet.

Buttercup chicks. Our little green-legged chick has racing stripes like these do...We have three or four light-colored chicks with racing stripes, but only one with green legs. (Photo by Marilyn Rhea Cheeseman, courtesy of

If she's a Buttercup, this is what she'll look like when she's bigger, although her coloring is already coming in. Quite pretty! Too bad they're described a "flighty." While we've had pretty good luck with the Garys, our Leghorns, memories of the Lakenvelders lingers. (Photo by Bill and Sue Tivol, courtesy of

The clincher was when I picked up the chick and saw she had the double comb—identity confirmed! (Photo by Lisa Feitshans, courtesy of

We shall call her Buttercup.

Now, I also know I have a bunch of Polish chicks, black, white-crested black, white, and blue/blue-splash. I still don't know yet which will be roosters and which will be hens.

 (Photo by Ethan Logue, courtesy of

 I am positive about one being a rooster, the great big chick we call Dodo. I'm starting to think that Dodo is the Red-breasted Cubalaya listed on the packing sheet. If that's so, this is what he should look like when gets bigger.

 If he gets bigger.

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