Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Cheeple Identification!

Now that the Cheeples have gotten down with sleeping outside (in their plastic tote shelter) without my red bike light as a guide, we've been working on foraging in the larger pen—still separated from the big girls—and perching:

A good shot of the blue splash Polish on the left, lower rung. On the top rung, second from the right and facing the camera, that's Dodo, the suspected Red-breasted Black Cubalaya cockerel.

Orange Gina assures me she is just looking.

Okay, that's Buttercup the Buttercup pullet on the top rung, left side. The mottled black-and-white chick, top rung center (just in front of Orange Gina)? I spent some time after feeding them and cleaning the coop just standing and admiring them today, and I noticed that both mottled chicks (there are two of them) have feathers on their legs. Hmm. To the Internet! I'm reasonably sure they're Brahmas, which is good news for Lurch, our Jersey Giant.

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