Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cheeple Freedom Day

...or, the Day I Got My Dining Room Back.

The buff Polish chick on the left conveyed her anger by biting me.

 The chick on the right with the big red comb is the biggest chick, whom we call Dodo.

I'm pretty sure the weighty chick on the right is a Brahma—and we have two of them!

We've since identified the chick on the right as a Buttercup pullet.

The last two. I've got pine shavings all over my shirt because the chick on the right was very, very clever about avoiding capture. It was the only one who took advantage of all three dimensions by flying UP and over my hand.

Poo-free hands at last!


Tiny Noodle said...

Good deal, Bones! Are they mostly layers or meat birds?

Bones said...

I don't know! I know we've got some Polish in there, and it looks like they were originally bred as white egg layers, but now they're mostly ornamental. Time will tell!