Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recognize Me?

That skinny lunk of a cat is Huespedes, our houseguest....I will update this tonight when I get home from work, as I see my time is running short. Briefly, I am happy to report that Hues is hoovering up cans of cat food, is feeling better, and this morning is actually playing with our selection of cat toys. Go Hues!

Greg is printing up flyers for me to mail to local vets, so hopefully we'll find out this guy's story soon.

Okay, flyers going out in tomorrow's mail! Although I wish the stationery story hadn't run out of 5x7 envelopes, as I now need to buy stamps to pay for the oversized envelope surcharge! D'oh.

When I found Huespedes during my mail route—or rather, Huespedes politely got my attention while I was delivering—I called Greg to come pick him up. I promised "One day only," and Greg politely did not say a thing. At first we put the cat in our mud room with a bed, a litter box, and some food and water. Two days later, we expanded his area to include the kitchen. A day or two after that, Greg finally got tired of slipping in and out of the kitchen and gave the cat the run of the house.

Not that he did much running. He ate, he purred and kissed if picked up, he pooped and peed—happily, always in the litter box. Mostly he slept. I'm not surprised, seeing how emaciated he is, and knowing how awfully cold it was the week before we took him in...Greg says he acts like someone rescued from drowning at sea. He's a big cat; I'd guess his normal weight is close to 20 lbs, though I don't think he weighs as much as tiny Vivani right now, who tips the scales at 8 lbs.

Today, though, a change: Huespedes came over and asked to play, so I busted out some cat toys to see which he'd like. Hues even skipped a bit when I came home tonight. He's interacting with Vivani and Orange Gina more, with mixed results. I think that as soon as they work out the rights of passage though the hallway, most of the hissing and growling will stop. Hues sure doesn't seem interested in being anything other than Third Cat, as long as it includes Living Inside.

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