Monday, December 14, 2009

An Early Start

It's Monday, my day off, and I'm getting ready for my 7:30am clock-in time at work: one pair of socks, two? Do I need a long-sleeved undershirt today, or is a tank okay? Knee socks?

I hear the rumbling of a diesel engine in the street outside, and take a peek out the front-door curtains. It's a FedEx truck, and our local driver coming up our walkway with a parcel. The sun is not yet in the sky. I ask him, What are you doing here this early? and he says, On Mondays we start at 5 am. I take the box, give him a hug and say Thanks. He says, Don't work too hard today and we both laugh.

So even though you all know that I am awfully partisan towards the USPS, please, these next two weeks, throw some love to your FedEx and UPS guys. They're working it for you.

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MollyandIzzie said...

I wish Royal Mail were that proactive - they come when I will obviously be at work and then make me go to the sorting office to collect my own mail?!

Very frustrating, he he

x x x