Friday, December 11, 2009

The Naked Truth

Dear Mrs. Rose Benson
I have been totally down on my sick bed for some time now,and that is the reson you have not heard from me.
i am so sorry to hear that. I hope you get better soon.
I thank God today that i have little strenght to write you this message.
Me too! Well really I thank the goddess myself.
Meanwhile i want to know the current update about the fund which is to be transfered to you for the works of God.
Well there is no update. Nothing has happened. Did I miss an email?
Please i want you to update me to enable me know what is happening.Please i will like you to hurry up everything because my situation is becoming worse everyday.
I have to confess something my Apostolic Sister, as you know I said we are pagans and dance around the fire naked and you said that is ok, because I know in your heart yo are really one of us because you would nt have written to me otherwise, when your abundance can so sweet help my need. so I hope you can help us but in fact I have hesitated because we are really very moral people and don't lie but the truth is we know that some of the peopple do have orgees and everythign, but they always have safe sex.

My ernest expectation is to see that this fund is transfered to you before anything happens to my life.
I hope my naked truth will not affect this


Skye Groundeagle

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