Thursday, December 24, 2009

I know wherefore art thy Romeo!

The camera is broken, so I am sorry there are no pictures to add! We just cannot bear to be anywhere near a mall or retail strip right now.

Since there have been no bites on our flurry of Lost Cat flyers, G-man and I decided it was time to take Huespedes to the vet and have him checked out. So G loaded up the cat and drove out to Healing Spirit amidst his long list of Things To Do.

The vet said the cat looked pretty good, with nothing more than a healing scratch on his face (and skinniness) to show for his ordeal. Which we pretty much knew, as he as been bouncier and more playful with each passing day. He weighed in at 10 lbs.

Then they found a microchip.

So, not a college-kid throwaway like we suspected. The vet called the owner, listed as living in Astoria, and left a message, gave G-man the number to follow up, and sent G and Hues on their way. After a bit of phone tag Greg finally got the owner, Kirsten, on the phone. Romeo, her beloved cat, had bolted out of her car October 9th as she was idling on G St next to Wildberries, getting directions. The cat was not in a crate, and the next thing she saw was Romeo in her rear-view mirror, heading across the road! She got out to follow him, but he was spooked, she was trying to catch him, she took a tumble on the steep slope bordering the highway and, in great pain, had to break off the pursuit. Back in Astoria, she ended up in Emergency Care for a severely-broken arm. And no cat.

She waited for someone to call with word of Romeo. And waited. And waited.

Meanwhile, on a quiet corner a block away from Wildberries, Romeo waited for his person to pick him up. And waited. And waited.

So sad, to think of two loves patiently, loyally, waiting for the other to return. Hearts breaking, hope waning, giving up at last and reluctantly moving on, so sad still at a lost love.

And then a phone call.


Wendy said...

And what a Christmas present! It's so nice that they are reunited.

Greg Stafford said...

And when Szn says "broke her arm" she means that Kirsten ended up with a titanium plate and 13 screws in her arm and shoulder. After driving 10 hours from Arcata to Astoria.
He dad scolded her "doing it for a cat." She said, "I'd do it again."

It really is a warm, sweet Christmas present, I'm pleased to participate, and give all real credit for saving this life and love to Suzanne.

Bones said...

Well, except that Greg actually came and picked him up! And took him to the vet, and has put up with the Cat Nation finding its new, credit where credit is due GREG.

Tim said...

I think you're both angels for taking care of him and reuniting them. I can only imagine that she was overjoyed at your call.