Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chickens in the garden

We're still figuring this chicken thing out. It's not like books are much help, as they're invaribly geared toward small-scale farmers—or backyard enthusiasts who want to make money. And making money with chickens means doing...things. Things that don't go hand in hand with humane treatment.

So we're winging it. Ha. For instance, the few books we did read all said, NO FRUIT! Well, we gave Marilyn and Pearl some apple cores and grapes and they went nuts for them. Problems? Not so far.

Except that the chickens have decided that they don't want to stay in the bailey. They've been hopping the fence and wandering in the yard. Not that they're causing any trouble (so far), but...they're much safer in the bailey.

We could completely redo the gate into the bailey...nah. We're not engineers. Greg strung some Mexican prayer flags over the gate to discourage them hopping up there, but yesterday they were again in the bad garden. So we went to look for some sparkly Mylar ribbon. Because everybody knows that chickens hate sparkly Mylar tape.

Results are pending. But it does look nicer than the prayer flags.

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