Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sigh. Wildfires dotting three counties (Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino) are a consequence of last week's lovely lightening show.

A consequence of me using rubbish to build the chicken's pen is that they jump over their gate. We keep going into the yard to see them standing outside our back door, waiting. For what? No one knows; they're chickens. We just shoo them into their bailey.

I don't think Vivani realizes she's a shrimp. She certainly never lost her pick-of-the-litter mentality. As a consequence, I got to call the vet again tonight to report another fight-related injury that's starting to stink. She'll probably dodge the fur-shaving bullet for a third time as this one's on her face, but I am getting tired of writing large checks to the ever-cheerful Dr. Green.

And no, that is not a Humboldt County euphemism.

Let's end on a positive note:

Strawberries are coming in!

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