Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh ducks, wonderful ducks!

Meet Naomi and Glen, a pair of Khaki Campbell ducks. As we can't tell them apart yet, you may read the names left-to-right or right-to-left, your choice. Right now they're exploring the bailey and trying to figure out where their duck buddies are. (They were raised in a backyard with both ducks and chickens.) They weren't too thrilled with being moved here and have been making very piteous baby-peeps since their arrival. Which is driving the cats insane with not-so-latent desires. The ducks are oblivious; they're trying to figure out why the chickens won't have anything to do with them.


Neighbor: Say...did you get your ducks yet?
Us: Yes!
Neighbor: I think they're in my driveway...

Two successful if short-lived escapes followed by a pitious first night in the chateau crying themselves to sleep. They're a little happier today though still bummed that the Wyandotte sisters do not like them. At all.

Oh, and we got better names for them.

Benny and Carlin.

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