Sunday, November 04, 2012


It's the start of a glorious new year, folks. Hope you had a happy and healthy Halloween/Day of the Dead! Time to crack open the Kitty and see how much spare change we scooped off the streets.

Wow...slightly underwhelming. No paper money at all. However, look how clean that carpet is! Thanks, G-man.

2009 —$12.57 with just me collecting
2010 — $30.44 and an iPod
2011 — $119.47 (year of the Hundred Dollar Bill)
2012? — $14.33!

So this year the two of us found 22 quarters ($5.50), 50 dimes ($5), 20 nickels ($1), 283 pennies ($2.83), and, L to R in front of the Kitty in the photo above, one mutilated penny, one quarter-sized slug, one nickel-sized round of metal with a pretty leaf design, one Canadian penny, one 5-baht Thai coin, one game token for Country Club Lanes in Sacramento, and a Pope John Paul II medallion.

Therefore, for 2013 the Kitty says, if you can print your own money do so, otherwise, stick with tangibles. Greece is only the first.

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