Sunday, November 07, 2010

Year of the Kitty

Remember last year, when I saved every piece of money I found on the street? I did it again this year, and G-man enthusiastically joined in. Halloween night we counted it up. It was quite the International Year of the Kitty.

Last year our international friends expressed astonishment that we could find so many coins on the street, an attitude which seemed strange to me. Don't you always find money lying around? Maybe where the streets are paved with it, you do, but in close to two months time abroad for the two of us this year, we found exactly two coins overseas, a 50-centavos coin in Mexico and a 1-kronar coin in Iceland. But in the US?

1 Euro penny
2 Canadian dimes
1 10-centavos coin
1 Humboldt State University (game? laundry?) token
4 dollar bills
39 quarters
95 dimes
34 nickels
549 pennies

...for a total score of $30.44!

And that doesn't count the iPod I found in the supermarket parking lot.

1 comment:

David Scott said...

I do it as well, but only got about £4 last year. I get more foreign coins in my change from shops - mainly dimes as they look like 5ps.