Wednesday, February 08, 2012


It's the start of a new tournament season for roller derby...Humboldt Roller Derby's first bout will be up in Eugene, Oregon, at a super-tournament—13 teams!—called The Big O. It'll be broadcast over the Internet on Derby News if you want to watch; HRD plays Friday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 11am.

(No, I'm not playing. I'm working! Besides, I'm not on a team yet.)

The preview on Derby News has bits on all the teams participating, and has stuff like the roster line-up, "Skaters to Watch," and "Quotable Quotes." Most of the quotes are along the lines of "We're excited to play Team X, we've trained really hard, it's going to be a great tournament." The best quote is courtesy of HRD, freak flag flying high:

Humboldt skaters Locked Up and Jule Injection: “To prepare for the Big O we’ve been eating the hearts of wild lions. RAW!!! We have been working on strategy and team cohesion; so expect a lot of aggressive tight pack work. Also expect to see an abundance of hair and some experimental dance moves! We are stoked to finally be WFTDA and are looking forward to a rad season playing against some amazing teams.

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