Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pix like I said

Another afternoon spent in the dirt, and with it warm enough that I was in capris and a t-shirt:

We've been keeping chickens for about four years now, but this morning when I cracked open some eggs for breakfast (cake!), even I was surprised at how yellow and perky the yolks were.

Not a great picture, but here's the new chicken coop: it's a three-part job, with two yards flanking a central, pest-proof pen. The central pen has a roof and walls to the south and west, but is otherwise open. Doors lead inside, and into each of the yards.
What do you think, Coop de Ville?

 Again, not a great picture...I'm getting fed up with my camera. Maybe I should just accept the inevitable and get an iPod. Anyway, that's what a ton of hay looks like when you spread it out. They layout is something akin to what a spider hopped-up on cocaine would weave.

Another shot of the straw-bale beds. My "plan" is to plant on top of the bales, and have areas bordered by the bales to plant, with old wood beds and random plants tucked here and there. Like I said, compromised spider.

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