Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going Medieval

Yes, yes, lousy blogging lately. Blame the Post Office. But during the last week we 1) ended our Pendragon campaign set in Lindsay, and went to our local Medieval fair. Here's the evidence!

 Sven getting ready to game. Dice, paper, Becks, Newman Os...yep, we're ready! (Sven also brought his Viking encampment down to the Medieval Fair, along with extra costumes for the rest of us. Huzzah!)

 Setting up the Battle Board, aka our card table. All snacks off, please!

 "24 on 10d6?! What the...!"
Greg is also famous for being a lousy die-roller, much to the player's delight.

 When I travel I look for foreign dice. From left to right, that's a d6 from Japan showing a 2, a bone d6 from Iceland showing a 3, one of the crazy Polish d20s I got at Tentacles Omega in Germany showing a 19, and a Zocchi d6 showing a 6. And that's the character sheet for Sir Theudic le Garde, knight of Leicester, familiaris of Count Agwar, Candlebee. Oh yeah, and traitor to King Arthur. D'oh!

A man and his game having a good time...hey! who left a beer on the bookcase?
Tsk, gamers.

 All the Candlebees are down. King Arthur didn't even have to draw Excalibur (which would have been a better end for us!)

So that was the end of the game. It's always a strange campaign when the GM is also play-testing, though Greg might lay the strangeness back on us, the players...Let us raise a horn of spirits to the men of Leicester and their (few) allies! Sir Gwalchmai, dragon-slayer and Round Table knight; Sir Brandagoris of the Ham-bone, fearsome slayer of Saxons; Sir Bledri, the most reckless of all Candlebees; Sir Gwair, a ladies man to the end and the spark that brought about the rise of the County of Leicester; Sir Cynfyn, Devil to the Irish but loyal to a fault to his lord; Sir Padern, gruff and rough and a teacher of young knights; Sir Rhun with the most beautiful hair until the Queen came to court; Sir Amadis, the peasant-knight who finally killed the Black Annis; and finally, our lord Saint Edar Allington, Count of Leicester and Lambor, once King of Oriel and brother-in-law to both King Arthur and Prince Valiant, savior of Britain and known from Norway to Byzantium. Adieu.

 The kid in the red tunic is Tristan, getting ready to boff at our local medieval fair. His dad's Steve from our Saturday night group. Steve's character, Sir Extavius, successfully evacuated our player's surviving wifes and children from Britain to Trond, to live at the court of the good Price Valiant (uncle to Count Agwar).

Ooh, game geek!

I got my hair braided at the fair—people didn't recognize me at work the next day! I did take the flowers out, but even so...

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My son's name is Extavius and I thought I was original when I named him back in 2006. I was wondering where or how you found that name!