Friday, August 20, 2010

Refreshing the flock

Somehow this summer, in Benny and Carlin's minds a gauntlet was thrown, a line was crossed, a camel's back was snapped, and they decided they weren't going to take it anymore from those uppity chickens. No sir.

So when they hit their big summer molt, and got itchy and testy they started attacking the chickens. Especially Betty and Frenchy. And by attacking I mean constant trash-talking followed by holding their target down by the neck while the other pummeled or pulled feathers.

All day long!

They couldn't even sleep in the same coop—I made Benny and Carlin sleep with the Peepies in the Rectangular Coop so the chickens (and I) could have a restful night.

So to reestablish flock harmony, I posted Benny and Carlin on Craigslist yesterday, and today a very nice woman with chickens and ducks and goats and dogs and 20 acres came and took them away in a big dog crate in the back of her SUV.

Before she closed the hatch, Carlin gave me a frank stare: Are we going off to die?

"You're going to a new yard. Carlin, you and Benny were good ducks. Thank you." The woman shut the door. "Goodbye!"

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David Scott said...

A good duck ending. Are you able to tell what sex the Peepies are yet? We've been staring at ducks to see who quacks and who doesn't!