Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, while I was in the kitchen, Vivani asked me for some kibble. But, I pointed out, you have food. Both bowls were full.

I don't like that flavor. I want the fish. I recently found that Evo, their brand of kibble, comes in turkey/chicken and stinky fish. After, what? two years? they were pretty excited about this new flavor, too. She gave me half a pout.

"You've got food already."

Fine. She strolled out the open back door.

An hour or two later, she's back at the food dishes. Favor, she looks up at me, please better food? Only she's licking her chops.

"You went and ate at the neighbor's, didn't you?" More chop-licking. So?

"You've got food already." She strolled back outdoors.

And when it started to get dark (the fog is so thick lately we don't get any sunsets), no Vivani. Went out to put the poultry to bed. Still no Vivani. Hours later, I finally turned off the lights and went to bed, thinking, Okay, she'll wait until I'm in bed then jump onto the bedroom window sill and ask to be let in, a stunt she pulls on my husband all the time. Nope. No cat.

But oh, this morning she was at the back door, all soggy and apologetic and ready for some dasayuno. Orange Gina had hoovered up the kibble from last night's rejected meal, so I put a bowl of fresh Evo down...and a can of their favorite food.

But I let her dry her own damn fur.

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