Monday, December 07, 2009

Might be a Problem

Dear Mrs Rose Benson

Thanks you very much for your letter.

I am very sorry to read of your deaf and stroke problem, and want to offer my Services.
Your generous offer of money is wonderful, and I am sure that your dear husband is carousing with the angels this very minute for it.

But there Might be a Problem.

I am not Christian and not is my healing circle. We are Devoted Pagans and I will not kid you some times we dance nude at the fire but we do not I swear have horgeys. We do Good Work, and our Goddess (She is your Gods wife) bless her has healed many peoples.

So I am enquizzing you if your Heart is big enough to help others like you looking to heal the terra and her Kids.

Thanks you,

Skye Groundeagle

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