Monday, December 07, 2009

Let's be in communication

Dear beloved Skye,

Thank you for your response I am very glad to receive your mail, i understand your explainations that you are not a christian, but i assure you that, that will not be a problem here ok, all i want you to do is to make sure that this fund is used to help the poor and less privilaged ones and that is my most interest, and i will be so glad if you will assure me that you will use this money for the assistance to the poor ones.

My beloved i am here to tell you that i am not the one that chosed you but it is God and i want you to trust me as i trusted you now. I got your email contact through my private search looking for someone to assist me. I am willing to offer you this donation in order to help the less fortunate, I have been helping people little by little in the past but now I have decided to donate this amount for Godly activities rural places, since I don't have any person that shall inherit this fund if I die tomorrow, not that I don't have faith to survive this condition but this donate comes from my heart without any objection spirit.

Regarding to my health, I thank God, I am little bit better now than yesterday, I apprecaite your
readiness to proceed ahead with me to retrieve the donation to your control,

Dear, presently I am in the hospital waiting for the date of the cancer operation recommended by my medical doctor, I don't know how secretative you are, I would like you to keep this affair confidential until you confirm this donation in your bank account, some times it is not good for someone to speak out his dealings while it is still on the process, meanwhile I am advising you to hid this affair until the goal is achieved. If you assure me this I will kindly give you all the contact information of the security firm where this donation is deposited, you shall contact the Director of the firm with my instruction and introduction for the transfer of the fund to your country.

Let's be in communication, when I receive your next message I will give you the contact information of the name of the Firm manager to contact for the procedure to transfer the fund to your country as soon as possible.

Finally, I attarched my pictures and i will like you to send me your own pictures so that we will know each other through pictures.

I am waiting for your reply.
God bless you.

Mrs. Rose Benson Joe

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