Wednesday, September 09, 2009

BBQ Season Closes Out

Since Monday was Labor Day, I thought heck, it's time for a barbeque, and my family obliged me by coming over and grilling and relaxing in the back yard.

Inviting people into the backyard means providing them with either 1) "poo shoes" to wear in the yard instead of their street shoes, or 2) slippers to wear in the house because their street shoes will have poo on them once they venture back there. So a big shout-out to IKEA and their $2 slippers! w00t!
And in case you're wondering, that is indeed Greg wearing the mismatched slippers.

Even though Labor Day in the US traditionally marks the end of summer—or at least the end of summer fun and bbqs—in Arcata, it's only just gotten warm enough to sit outside and grill! So yes, that is actually sunlight you see glinting off the house, and Greg (my husband), Brian (my son-in-law), and Dale (my friend) enjoying it.

The poultry got very excited when they saw the tables being set up and loaded with food. Is it for us? Can we get some of that? Then Tosha the Boxer-dog came out and spoiled the party (from their perspective). But they got all the melon rinds, so really they had little cause for complaint.

Tosha followed the birds all around the yard, clearly wanting to play with them, and the poultry just as clearly NOT wanting to play. And when Tosha got too close the chickens would squawk and tattle on the dog.

Not much left. And the pie's inside!

The sun was still out, but going down, and it started to get a bit chilly—at least for the guy (Dale, there on the right) who lives where it actually gets warm in the summer. We're all warming our hands over the dying coals in the Weber. From left: Jason (my step-son), Brian, Alisha (my step-daughter), me, and Dale.

Noah (my other step-son) came over on his lunch-hour to chillax with us.

Group shot! Greg, Dale, me, Noah, Alisha, Jason, Brian, and Weber.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a day: sun, good food, family and friends. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was a great day! Thanks for hosting a superb event!