Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day Off!

A day off, and a drive up the coast into Oregon:

We stopped in Trinidad to buy some tuna and oysters, but Katy's was time!

We stopped at Trees of Mystery to see how Paul and Babe were doing. Babe quite likes his new noggin.

Lucky for us, August in Oregon is about as rain-free as you can get, so the view outside our motel and car window pretty much looked like this the entire day.

We're here! We're here!

And, the real reason behind our trip: 19 years ago, Greg and I drove up Hwy 101 from San Francisco all the way to the Prehistoric Gardens. It was our first car trip, and pretty much sealed the deal in our opinions. But until last week we'd never been back. The gentleman who started this awesome roadside attraction, and who built the dinosaurs, passed away, but it's still in the family and his granddaughter was manning the counter the day we came through.

When we first discovered the Prehistoric Gardens it was a rainy, chill February day, and almost nothing along the coast was open...but the Gardens were. Actually, the parking lot was full of cars and people. When we got out to ask about the place, we heard that the owner and his family were all off for a big celebration, but they let us in anyway. We were the only ones there, and in the drippy tangle of redwoods and ferns, it kinda did look primeval. In any case, a great day at the park.

While reminiscing with the granddaughter, who looked to be my age, she said that big celebration was a wedding anniversary party for her granddad and grandmom. We talked a bit more, then went inside the Gardens. And even though it was August, we had the place to ourselves again. A little less primeval without the rain, but another great day at the park.

Whatcha grinning about, Elasmosaurus?

"For me? Awww, you shouldn't have!"

...Stegasaurus browses in the ferns...

...Dimetrodon waits for unescorted children...

...mighty Brachiosaurus watches over the parking lot...

...quiet Ankylosaurus tries to ignore Elasmo and his endless stream of Oakland Raiders jokes...

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Anonymous said...

I've never even seen the Prehistoric gardens before. I'll have to take my 7 year old. Thanks for the heads up.