Monday, August 03, 2009

New hens!

It's been slow going, trolling craigslist for's summer and few people want to give 'em up while the keeping's easy and the eggs plentiful. But I finally found a pair yesterday, and drove down to Myrtletown to pick them up.

Meet Betty—not Meat Betty, please. She's an egg-layer!—who is I believe an Astralorp. She's very pretty with that proud tail of hers, and very large. When the flock integrates better I'll upload a photo of everyone together so you can see the size differences.

And this is Lola. I think she's a Buff Orpington like Frenchy. But damn, she's got giantess legs. And she too is a big gal. Lot of meat on her bones. Good thing she's supposedly laying like nobody's business.

Top chicken Marilyn is giving the newcomers The Eye while cacking "Wha'?!" all day long.

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