Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Greg is learning to speak cat. He has to; he's home alone with them all day.

Their demands are incessant. Open the door. Open the window. Pet me now. Move the shade. The papers are in my way. Cradle me and scritch my tummy now. The dish is empty. Put me on the top shelf of the bookcase. Dry me off. Make the red dot appear. Big Red is in the yard—do something!

So Vivani gives Greg the "I want" meow.

What do you want? He opens the door.

Meow. Closes the door. Opens the back door.

Meow. Food?

Meow. He reaches to pick her up, and she runs into his office. Greg follows her.

Vivani sits in the middle of the room, looks over her shoulder to see if he's paying attention. Meow. She turns and looks at the extra desk. Meow. The extra-special Vivani "I want" meow that rocks her body back and forth for emphasis.

Gina is sleeping on the thinking pad by the window. Greg watches Vivani. Meow. She looks again from him to the desk. You want me to get Gina off the pad so you can sit there?

Meow! Yes!

Vivani didn't find Greg's belly laughs very funny. Gina stayed where she was.

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David Scott said...

As part of his training, you might want to get Greg to look at this: