Monday, October 06, 2008

PRU, stat!

Hustling around in the mailmobile near the end of my day, I got a call on my cellphone:
"Hi, Suzanne, the dentist across the street called to say the ducks are out of their yard..."
Apparently the dentist (across the street) also called two of my neighbors to try and round up the ducks, and Mr. Hauser said his wife also gave it a go. Mara (my neighbor and at work when she got the call), called her husband and my son-in-law, who both converged on my house to try and round up Benny and Carlin.

I thought briefly about deviating and getting them back in the yard myself, but decided against it, seeeing that three people were on it already.

They got the ducks in, we blocked up the hole under the fence (sorry, cats!), and when I apologized for the ruckus, everyone laughed and said, No worries, it was fun. And Brian found a secret Lakenvelder nest, and Dinah ate all the cat food. And we got a chirping parcel today marked "Life Crickets"—written on the label and printed on the box. Nice.

That is my animal report for the day.

PRU: Poultry Recovery Unit. Or Poultry Roundup Unit. I'm not sure which I prefer.

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