Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kick You In The Head

I'm doing my taxes, intent on the computer screen, ignoring a certain somebody. No, scolding a certain somebody for batting my pen, shuffling through my stacks of receipts, standing in front of the keyboard. Pinche gatita! She bites me, and I put her on the floor.

She walks over and bites Orange Gina on the ass. That works, and Gina sits up, then bowls into Vivani, who's half her size.

They go down, tussling, the fur not quite flying, trying chokeholds and body slams and chest bites and kicking each other in the head, bam-bam-bam-bam-bam!

I hit the Update button and take another sip of tea.


Chemical Billy said...

Lovely snapshot of these furry beings we share space with. One of mine is sulking because the laptop tops my lap, not he.

Suzanne Courteau, aka Bones said...

They are SO funny about that. She was doing it again today, then started biting me so that Mr. Bones had to come remove her, flip her upside down, and give her love.

She won't let ME flip her upside down.

How many kitties do you have, Chems?