Saturday, March 24, 2007

Three Things

One. In the quiet corners of my day I sometimes like to come up with impromptu triads. Yesterday's was:

The three best weekend harbingers: mail that is not a bill, cold beer, a sunny afternoon.

Today's triad is The three irritations of domestic life: dust bunnies even though I just swept, mail that is bills, a husband who doesn't mention my cake-batter mustache.

Two. Yesterday I saw a man whose complexion was the color of a chocolate Easter bunny. Critical. I was just flooded with happy Los Angeles Easter memories.

I looked down at my own skin and wondered, what color does this remind me of? Undercooked chicken is what came to mind.

Three. I've got spring fever bad, and I'm itchin' to get out. So, riffing on a hiking list post...

> Friends will say, "Hello."
> Hiking friends will give you a hug and smile.

> Friends never ask for food.
> Hiking friends always bring food.

> Friends will know a few things about you.
> Hiking friends could write a book about you with direct quotes.

> Friends will split a pizza.
> Hiking friends are always up for AYCE.

> Friends will let you crash on their sofa.
> Hiking friends will sleep beside you under the stars.

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