Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm back!

Hola everyone; I'm back from vacation. (Yes, again.) I'm happy to be home, using a decent keyboard, finding only mild destruction of my home's contents by the kitties, and looking forward to fresh and plentiful vegetables on a daily basis.

But folks—and here I admit I am blatantly whining—no new comments. So sad. As Chemical Billy and that feller over at the Absorbascom have each recently pointed out, comments are the prize in the cereal box, the unexpected letter in the mail, the twenty-dollar-bill stuck to the side of the washing machine.

And I could really use a twenty dollar bill right about now...couldn't you?


Chemical Billy said...

Suzanne, you are the hundred dollar bill stuck to the inside of my washing machine. I should be punished for being so remiss...

Kang Mango said...

I have no jokes to make, so I'll just say that while I'm not a regular blog-reader (nor blog-writer, apparently), I do stop by and think about commenting. In this case, I will actually comment. Writing and blogging are good things. These activities fill the Internet with "content," and "content" + "ed" = "contented."

And the Internet must be kept happy before it rears upon its haunches and devours us all like a twinkie!

Like a twinkie.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, guys! Tacos and twinkies on me!