Friday, November 25, 2005

The season's first bowl of jook—the chives, the sesame oil. So divine.

Three pies and a cake are two desserts too many.

Who'm I kidding? There can never be too many desserts.

The cat really digs meat fudge.

The line stretching down the block, in the rain, outside the Office Max at a quarter to seven this morning was just wrong. I happened to catch the light at the corner, so I rolled down the window and shouted, "What are you guys in line for?"

Some guy in a dark blue parka and no hat shouted back, "For whatever's on sale!"


Chemical Billy said...

Mmmm, meat fudge.

Bones said...

If the cat was on death row, her last meal would probably be:

-meat fudge
-tuna juice, neat
-all the corn chips she wanted

Daniel Heath said...

1. there can be too many deserts if the deserts are no good. c.f., my recent trip to Ohio.

2. meat fudge?!?

3. Office Max. omfg.

Daniel Heath said...

the more I think about that Office Max story the more I feel like the human race is doomed.

Bones said...

Yeah, and like I said, it was really early, and raining.



The old production manager at Macworld said that when he was a kid his parents called liver that to make it sound, oh I don't know, palatable. As is.


Oh, we had fine desserts! Pineapple upside-down cake, chocolate pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie. And all the crusts were perfect! The stars must've been right.

I've been thinking on my "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner...I only make one dish (candied yams) that my mom made when I was a kid. I've changed everything else.