Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ol' Chems there left a comment regarding Mormons, which got me to thinking about Jehovah's Witnesses, which got me to thinking about a conversation I had with G-man the other day about Googling* yourself. Do other people who show up in your Google searches share your name? Greg's got two online doppelgangers—what I like to think of as googlegangers. There's the football-playing Greg Stafford, the vocally anti-Jehovah's Witness Greg, and the cuddly, salad-fixin' game designer Greg. Nobody's ever mistaken my G-man for the jock, but at conventions people occasionally ask him what he's got against J-Dubs.

I've only got one googleganger, a Superior Court judge in Quebec. You'd probably guess, if you were looking for me, that I didn't move to Canada to study law. Too dang cold. But the other hits, the valid ones, might be just as puzzling to someone who knew me in high school, or hell, to the folks where I currently work.

So, you got any?

*For those of you who like neologisms, I was in the back room of the Market St Safeway earlier this week and heard the inventory control clerk tell his minion to "big joe that stack of pallets." Big Joe is a make of hand-driven forklift. Now Big Joe, the brand, like Google, goes from being a noun to a verb. I love it.


Chemical Billy said...

Yay for neologisms!

And, no, alas, no other Caitlin Myer that I've been able to find. Or maybe - yay! no other Caitlin Myer! Or Chemical Billy, for that matter.

Bones said...

What's that game, where you try to come up with a random phrase that garners the fewest hits on Google? You win! The singular Caitlin Myer.

That is way cool.

Daniel Heath said...

my google-ganger is a real scumbag. well, I have lots, most of them somewhat dodgy (lots of Christians) but this guy takes the cake:
he's the target of a class action lawsuit. apparently he/I have "minions".

Bones said...

You ain't kidding!

Daniel Heath, with the help of his minions ... , appears to be the mastermind of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in California history...

That is way excellent.