Saturday, January 05, 2013


It was quite a week for Times-Standard headlines:
While I have a soft spot for Tiburcio Vasquez, yeah, gotta agree that naming a school after him isn't the best idea. What's next, Juan Soto Elementary or Joaquin Murrieta High?

(And, speaking like the article does of cultural pride, cultural citizenship, and "the question of who writes history," no one's in doubt about Vasquez being hung for the murders during the Tres Pinos robbery. The doubt comes from whether he, or his lieutenant Juan Soto, did the shooting.

So rather than name your school after a bandito, why not, oh, the first California-born governor of the state? Or Jose Limon? Medal of Honor recipient Alfred Rascon? Dolores Huerta? Astronaut Jose Hernandez? And on and on.)

Then we have:

The more you say "febble" the better it gets.

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David Scott said...

Febble does have a good sound to it. The Urban dictionary has a poor definition for it: