Monday, July 09, 2012

Quite the Cheeple Puzzle

Okay, this puzzle of what breed the Cheeples are is driving me nuts. I am back to being sure of only Buttercup, the Buttercup pullet. And the Polish chicks, of course. Any ideas on what these little guys and gals are?
Mostly black with some red feathers, red ears, single comb, dark, clean shanks...Barnevelder? Java? Orpington? Chantecler? Buckeye?

Another mostly-black, with some white on her head, yellow shanks, red ears and a small comb...I have no idea.

Huh, yellow legs, single comb, white-tipped feathers...

Another shot of the hen with the sprinkling of white on her head; that other, similar chick is in the background.

Barred feathers, red ear, pink legs which are outside-feathered...I thought "Brahma," maybe a sport. And I thought I had two, but dig this: this one's got 5 toes! How could I have missed that? So now I really don't know.

Okay, this barred chick has yellow, outside-feathered legs, single comb, red ears, and only 4 toes. Both this chick and the 5-toed chick have cool, yellow eyes.

Whatever this one is, we only have one of it. Thoughts? Leghorn?

That white tipping again; same pullet or a different one, you tell me—my head's spinning.

See? Five toes.

I thought this was a Cubalaya, but they have white ears, and this guy's are clearly red. Single comb, dark, outside-feathered shanks...Langshan?
Hey, it's white-mottled head with white-tipped feathers. Does this help?

Can you guess what I am?

Well, clean, yellow legs, red ears, single comb and a pretty brown color. A hefty chick, too...

One more shot. Now, the chick in the background I know is a Gold-laced Wyandotte, 'cause I got them at the feed store. The chick in front...Let the guessing begin!
There are other chicks out there, but I got overwhelmed. Any help, Internet?

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