Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day Six

I got a call out on the route today saying that five of the Cheeples had breached the cardboard barrier and were exploring the dining area/brooder. Since they didn't seem to be in any distress G-man made them a little gate so they could wander freely.

Yesterday they had an introduction to bugs—specifically worms, since I (strangely) could not find any rolly-polys in the back yard. In general the sharper of the Cheeples know that when the Tall Ones appear at the barrier, often times good things descend into their brooder. True, sometimes the Tall Ones themselves come in, and that's not so cool, but yeah, usually there's food. So they come running over to examine what we put in the litter. 

They definitely like worms. Seeing them eat the worms was like watching a mountain man rendezvous. They also like the dirt clods we put in the brooder...I suppose with all the crap we're giving them they need the grit to process it all. Most of the weeds and grass we put in they go through, but so far anyway the sorrel is what sends them over the edge. When they see it hit the ground the tone of their peeping goes way up.

"No, just watching. Seriously."

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