Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cheeples, Week 7

The Cheeples are getting big!

They are fully-feathered Nerf footballs.

Everybody goes into the big girl's box now.

We added grit to their diet, and are introducing them to new and exciting foods. The process typically goes something like this:

-Lift safety screen and toss in the new food.
-Cheeples as a unit scream and run away.
-After a few moments, Cheeples completely ignore the new food.
-After five minutes, one Cheeple pecks the new food, realizes it IS food, and freaks out at its good fortune.
-Other Cheeples, alerted by the "Oh, wow!" sound, rush the discoverer. A different kind of screaming bursts from the box.

Greg turned this into a game, the Pasta Bowl. The Cheeples know that pasta is food now, so when we toss a handful of cooked pasta in the box, it's like watching feathery rugby.

The gluteny ball is lowered onto the playing field...

"Who's got the ball? Which team am I on? What's happening?!"

"Hey! She's using a zone defense!"

You are crowding the ref, missy.
Ball hog.

Those speckled Cheeples are fast turning into my favorites. I thought they were Jersey Giants, but my step-daughter thinks they're Barred Rocks. I think the ones formerly known as the Mystery Chicks are the Jersey Giants. The reason I like the Barred Rock chicks so much is they've learned what the appearance of The Hand means—food! So they rush my hand and start excitedly pecking it. And they aren't shy about being touched or picked up.

We are building them an outside coop. Stay tuned.


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