Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cheeples, Week 11

With the weather getting nicer, the Cheeples, now almost three months old, are really enjoying their outside pen. Their little voices are starting to change from cheeps to clucks, and I may try mingling the flocks this weekend. (The flocks have already mingled somewhat: the Poultry Peeple get very jealous when they seen the can of Cheeple chow, and invade the little one's pen. And if we feed scraps, the bigs ones have to eat first or they get cranky.)

The Cheeples are getting big! We had to get them a larger watering can because this small one, their first one, doesn't have enough capacity anymore.

Frenchy makes sure that none of the little ones is getting anything the big ones are not.
(You can see the new Chicken Condo Greg's been working on in the background.)

Why I do believe, I do believe she has a slice of bread in her hand!
Get it!

Yes, those are drawers on the back side of the Chicken Condo. Makes egg retrieval much easier.

This is the only Cheeple with a name so far: Pecky Becky. She's one of the Barred Rock chicks. The Cochins,  Rhode Island Reds, and the Jersey Giants are also friendly. The Leghorns and the Ameraucanas, not so much.

Vivani wants to remind us all that while, yes, the Cheeples are fun and colorful, so is she. And Cheeples can't purr.

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