Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Day's Possibilities least, from the perspective of Vivani Catpants.

After a super-rainy December, January and (so far) February have been dry, warm, and mostly sunny. The joke around town is to greet your neighbor or passersby on the street and comment on the lovely summer weather. And for the past few days we've even had the summertime fog. (Our winters are usually fog-free—it's when we finally get our dose of sunrises and sunsets.)

So yes, the lawns are green and lush, my neighbor's dogwood is flowering—they're flowering all over town, along with the plum and apple trees, the cherries, the myrtlewoods, and the roses; they all think it's Spring—and beyond the leafless tulip tree and walnut is a dark green wall of redwoods and hedge. Yesterday a score or more of robins gorged on the holly berries in the tree behind the house, and the waxwings I'm sure will not be far behind. The chickadees and goldfinches continue to dare the cats, and the sparrows that live outside the bakery doors at the co-op grocery are impossibly fat.

Maybe today the fog will clear. Maybe not; it didn't yesterday. But it sure is nice to live here.

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