Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Pendragon Eschille

Got a letter and package in the mail the other day. The books were for Greg, but this was for me:

Stoked! I didn't get to go to Continuum, out in exotic Leicester, this year, where The Pendragon Eschille unleashed its awesomeness against gamers during a role-playing tour de force. When Greg mentioned the Eschille and what they were doing at the con, I said how cool would that be, to have a Pendragon Eschille t-shirt...and lo and behold! those great guys sent one to the Schlepper of Books at Conventions.

Thanks, guys! It will be my official Pendragon GM tee when we start up the next campaign in a few weeks time.

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Ben said...

Glad you like it! Being part of the Pendragon Eschille's first outing at Continuum was a real blast. Great to know we have a member across the water too.

Ben / Merlin of the Round Table (the Official Pendragon Forum)