Thursday, May 20, 2010


Why is it impossible to have an outdoor event or fund-raiser dinner in this county without tri-tip? What is the fascination?

Oh, sure, every so often one of the local tribes has a salmon cookout just to mix things up, but then it's right back to the beef. Not ribs, not hamburgers, not t-bones or rib-eyes or skirt steak. Tri-tip only.

It's weird, I tell you.

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tim said...

Same in the Central Valley. Not being much of a meat eater, for a while I thought this must a tasty cut of the cow. But then I heard that it was one of the worst and cheapest cuts available. (Alton Brown pans it completely on FoodNetwork's Good Eats.) And I guess it takes a long time to cook as well?

All I have to say is "pass". I'll eat extra potato salad and watermelon to balance things out.