Sunday, April 04, 2010

April in Humboldt

I was determined to get some garden work done today. We are moving soon and I have to put raised beds in at the new place so I can move my plants, and build a new coop for the poultry. ... Paycheck-earning work, the weather, and my own nagging, cold-riddled health kept me from doing anything on either project during March.

But today was a day off, and like I said, I was determined to git 'er done. The wind was already kicking up when I borrowed the van to get some lumber, and by the time the folks at Ace were cutting the boards to size it was coming down.

Still, I was out in the yard hammering together the beds and dumping in soil while my work pants soaked through and my shoes filled with water. Once I started to feel cold, though, I threw in the towel, picked up my tools and got in Charm. (The good thing about being a backpacker is I have plenty of good-quality outdoor gear so I mostly stayed dry—too bad my rain-pants are in my satchel at the Post Office!)

Driving home, that's when I noticed the big, puffy flakes falling from the sky:

Welcome to spring time in Humboldt County!

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