Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Will Win...?

...the battle for second banana? AKA, middle cat in a household of three?

People say, two cats are no more trouble than one, and then they'll each have a feline buddy. Hmm, maybe. In fifteen years of co-existence Fuzzy and Izzy cooperated, outside of joint vet appearances, exactly once: our first day in the House of Mystery in Albany. So when Greg suggested that we get Vivani Catpants a buddy, I wasn't so sure. But she and Orange Gina turned into very good friends, the kind who'll back you up in a fight with your big, orange, bully neighbors even.

But are they no more trouble than one. Not really! Sure, it's still one litterbox and one water dish for these two, and mealtimes are basically the same (just a bit more at each meal)...but it is two little bodies demanding their share of attention instead of one. And when we play I have to use both hands because they won't play the same games with me; each has her own toy for me to wiggle, flip, or drag around for enjoyment. Each has different ways of interacting with me, Gina usually in the morning, Vivani usually at night.

So are three cats no more trouble than one? Still one water dish. Two cat boxes now, so double the scooping pleasure as I dig each morning for buried treasures. Mealtimes still the same, but a lot more food: Hues is (understandably) a vacuum for kibble and sopa de Whiskas. He's still not super-keen on going outside, so my husband hasn't seen a big increase in his door-opening duties. But he does want his lovin's, so he squeezes them in between what Gina and Vivani receive.

And Gina still trash-talks him constantly, way beyond what Bully Remedy or Stress-Relief homeopathy can handle...I think it may be time for a little acupuncture. Maybe she has some jail-house memories to expunge. Who knows? But you'd never guess that such a sweet face knew so many bad words.

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Wendy said...

How have you wound up with Hues? Is he no longer Romeo? Or never really Romeo? There's a story to be told here!