Sunday, January 31, 2010


We got a call yesterday from Kirsten saying she was on her way, so I made sure to get some photos of Huesp this morning:

He spent some time in the Thinking cup...

...relaxed on the Comfort Ball and got scritches after second breakfast...

...chilled in the garden. He got quite comfortable hanging out in the back yard with everybody. Real quality cat time.

...Huesp/Romeo can't believe it, but it's Kirsten! Poor guy was pretty overwhelmed.

And while Kirsten, Greg, and I chatted in the kitchen over crepes Provencal...

...No way! You mean to tell me, during Huesp's final fifteen minutes in the house, Gina calms down enough to share the bed with him?! Typical.

I got a little more of Romeo/Huespedes' backstory, what little Kirsten knew. She adopted him from the Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek (where he was known as Andy), after volunteers transported him from the Calaveras County Animal Shelter up in the California foothills. How he ended up at the county shelter we'll never know, but he was lucky enough to be taken to ARF, a no-kill shelter where Kirsten used to volunteer. (And where my friend Breanna adopted her cat, Daphne.)

We're really sad he's gone, but we're really happy this story had such a good ending. And Kirsten was very, very happy to get her best bud back.

All the best to you, Kirsten and Romeo!


Suzanne and Greg

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