Friday, December 04, 2009

December dawns cold and colorful

This week's been alternating between warm, sunny days (highs near 60!) and cold, clammy, Basil Rathbone-caliber fogs that refuse to burn off. The sunsets have been gorgeous, with just enough high fog/clouds for the sun to color, but today we got a lovely dawn as well:

I put on a jacket and went outside to enjoy it. As I stood in the cold beneath my neighbor's magnificent walnut tree, my other neighbor came out to enjoy the show, too. We stood chatting underneath the pinks and purples of the rising sun, talking about work and Christmas cookies, when she turned and said, "Look!"

The colors had intensified and spread across the entire sky, from the eastern horizon above Arcata's downtown and community forest to the houses and dairy pastures in the west. A first-class sunrise!

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