Friday, June 26, 2009

May I ask you a question?

(Couldn't find a credit for this photo from the article "Rebranding Humboldt" by Ryan Burns in the June 25, 2009, issue of The Journal.)

Humboldt's Office of Economic Development wants you to know that Humboldt has more to offer than, uh, a chronic good time. 4:20 to be precise.

So during our recent 19th annual Oyster Festival, Mr. Burns of the North Coast Journal pinned that sign to his shirt and asked 105 attendees what Humboldt is known for—only thirty of whom chose an answer from the Not Obvious column...
Granted, this informal survey was conducted on the Arcata Plaza—essentially the bowl of Humboldt County's bong.

"I was in St. Croix recently and when I told this guy that I was from Humboldt he went, 'Oooh yeah.'"

So to all you Tentacles Omega attendees who only heard about the dank, green life of the north coast, please know that we have a lot of natural beauty in Humboldt, a lot of outdoor sport opportunities, and a bunch of really nice people. So what if half of them are stoned?


Anonymous said...
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Orion said...

So is the previous comment Russian for "large fields of pot"?

Glad to know that my guess was right on target!