Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mystery Gina

Yesterday after dinner we all decided we needed cookies, so I took Elliot with me to the store. (It was also Jason's first full day as a cashier, so I wanted to stop by and see him in action.) On the way there Elliot sang a little song about "Mystery Gina":

Mystery Gina,
Mystery Gina,
She's a man,
Mystery Gina

Elliot and Orange Gina have become friends, and most days we have an Orange Gina Hunt. Where's Gina? She's in the cat club! Where's Gina? She's in the laundry! Where's Gina? She's in my room! (Sometimes he even invites her in.)

And for the past few days he's been calling her Mystery Gina. So today I finally asked him why. Because, he said, Gina's really a man. Ooooh. So it's actually Mistery Gina.

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Anonymous said...

Do we as adults lack some deep connection to cat people? When you look in Orange Gina's eyes, who do you see? And in the end, does it really matter?
-Tosha Dog, friend of Orange Gina