Monday, December 15, 2008

Well-dressed (updated)

I've finally accumulated what I consider a basic assortment of postal uniform pieces, though my everyday outfit is very basic: short-sleeved work shirt, shorts, Frankenstein shoes and ankle socks. This being Humboldt County, I tweak it before I head out the door.

Friday, we (and most of the northern U.S.) had a cold front come through. It was pretty cold, even snowing a bit Saturday (it didn't stick).

But last night and today the cold air behind the front got here. More rain, more sleet and hail and snow. Again, it didn't stick on the ground in downtown or the bottoms, but it sure did on the ridges just outside of town:
...snow was reported on the coast but there was no accumulation from the snowfall. The lowest elevation at which snow accumulated on Saturday was half an inch in Orleans -- 400 feet above sea level. At 2,600 feet, near Dinsmore, 5 inches of snow was reported Saturday and 4 inches Sunday.
(I wish I had some photos for you, but G-man has the camera and nobody told our local newspapers that exciting weather shots generate lots of clicks.)

Ah! But the San Francisco Chronicle provides:

That's on Vollmer's Peak in the Berkeley Hills. Nice hat, kiddo!

Carmel Valley, south of San Francisco and near the most excellent Ventana Wilderness. All those big houses and those folks can't afford a few horse blankets?

When I left the house this morning, I had added to my basic ensemble wool knee socks, rain pants, a Capilene 4 undershirt, fleece vest, scarf, hat (2), and a parka! I looked like the Michelin Man's union-shop brother.

Dude, it was cold. I was glad when it inched up past 40 (5 C) today. I couldn't figure out why my fingers hurt so much...when I saw the flakes floating down I figured it out. Unfortunately,
The worst is yet to come as two more storms sweeping in from Alaska are expected to bring freezing temperatures to the area, with more snowfall at low elevations.
Ugh. I'm bringing my Thermos tomorrow.


Wayne said...

I think thermos are definitely in order. As I was taking the bus into the Presidio this morning, there was snow along Van Ness. It was more than a little, and this was an hour after sunrise. Yikes!

Esther Garvi said...

And here I was, thinking it was getting cold in Niger! Lol! What is putting on an additional sweater (or blanket during the night) compared to your situation?

Sending lots of warmth from Niger (let me know if it helps!),