Sunday, December 28, 2008

Say What?

While frantically shoveling out the living room I found my cache of entry tickets from this year's trip to Egypt. Tucked into the pile of slips was a piece of note paper on which I'd jotted down quotes...mostly I can't remember why (or who) said them. They're now just another Egyptian enigma:

"All the money he made on unicorns he blew on mermaids."

Ramises II He's our guy. We're big on big.

"It's tamarind pulp. It's not camel shit."

—I've developed an affection for baboons ever since Don's ceremony.
—What? [long pause] So, will you explain that remark?

If you let a baboon on the bus I'll be watching from across the street.

"Welcome to Alaska!"
[Okay, that one I remember. When people weren't calling Greg Ali Baba, they were shouting Welcome to Alaska at us. A bit of African humor there.]

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