Thursday, December 18, 2008

Local News

Well, those hoped-for local weather shots finally showed up in the Times-Standard today...somebody's frost-covered lawn down in Cutten (Eureka). Somebody must've snapped them on their way to work. If it weren't for the Associated Press, we wouldn't have a daily newspaper at all in Arcata.

Thursdays the paper adds its entertainment guide. I generally like the AP movie reviews they run, even if they can't always get them to fit quite right.
In a recent interview, Cruise and director "I'm an actor first and foremost," he said.down-played the bad pre-release buzz for "Valkyrie."
What? Well, anyway, we also have some local choices for entertainment this weekend, including the kids over at the Laurel Tree Learning Center, who are staging a production at the North Coast Rep. The Times-Standard says
Blake Homen, James slack (as death) and Michelle water staring in don't fear the reaper which plays along with long bridge over troubled waters this Thursday Friday and Saturday at NCRT.
What? Even though it's only costing me $20 for the next six months of delivery, I'm regretting that twenty bucks!

In other local news, the duck pond froze yesterday!

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