Monday, December 29, 2008


Santa brought lots of warm fuzzy presents this year, as he knows a thing or two about cold weather. Because I refuse to wear long pants while delivering the mail, I ended up with several pairs of wool knee socks in a wide range of non-postal blue colors. So now when it gets really cold I can wear my snow mittens on my hands and my girly knee-length fwttens with my parka to keep warm.



You say it like "footens."

G-man and I were in Wales, the trip where we ate shot-filled rabbit, spoke to a guy for whom English was a second language swinging a scythe by an old Roman amphitheater, and visited Gellert's grave. The Welsh, like the Jews, aren't fond of vowels, so they use 'w' when they want to say 'oo'. So the English comb/combe/coomb—a box canyon or even a hanging valley to Americans—is in Welsh a cwm. So if you follow me with this, a mitten-like covering for your foot, or fwt, is a fwtten.

Alright, how do you entertain yourselves in the car?

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