Sunday, December 07, 2008


Northern Californians love salmon, but when December rolls around, watch out! It's Dungeness Crab season. We heard this year's season was going to be on the short and skimpy side, so we drove up to see Capt. Zach at his crab shack in McKinleyville to pick up some dinner:

Yeah, that is the completely set table for dinner. No silverware, no vegetables, no starch, just a big ol' crab on a plate, a finger bowl, napkins, and a bag for shells. We tried the lemon, but like sourdough bread, butter, or cocktail sauce, this crab just does not need it. It needs nothing but an appetite! Pairing it with a bottle of Great White Ale is about as fancy as it gets.


Kym said...

Mmm,I have yet to have my first crab of the season. I can hardly wait.

Ishtar said...

I don't think I've had fresh crab yet - only fresh lobster, shrimps etc. Must try it some time though! When I go to Sweden, that is... :-)