Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food Surprise

Staring at a fridge full of left-over odds and ends, G-man took a culinary plunge today and for dinner made a batch of sopa Azteca. No recipe! Though he tried that route, looking online for ideas. He found some, but any recipe that starts with "Take a can of tomato soup and..." should be, and was, ignored. The sopa Azteca was not only delicious, but a stunning victory in the contest to make a pair of pork chops stretch for as many meals as possible.


Vivani Catpants was very excited that Mexican food was on the menu. I've been a cat-owner all my life, and these two cats (Gina and Vivani) are stunningly uninterested in people food. I've never seen Gina eat people food, not meat, not cheese, not ice cream. Nada. And other than Mexican food and tortilla chips and the occasional sip of milk, Vivi feels the same way.

But as we had sopa and chips, 'Pants came over and begged a couple of chips off Greg. (She almost never asks me.) When Greg extends his hand with the chip, she's gotta love on it first, rubbing up against it and Greg's hand a couple of times. Then she eats the chip.

After the dinner dishes were put away I headed for my computer for a little surfing, and I noticed that the package of imported (from Berkeley) mochi we'd opened last night still had one mochi left. Which I grabbed and started munching as I read the news and blogs I follow. Greg asked me a question so I turned away from my desk to answer him. Next thing I know...


Chemical Billy said...

Thief of a kitten!

Gelfling said...

Bad kitty! No cookie! (or rice cake even)
But such a cutie - hard to be mad....

Bones said...

Shows me not to brag about my cats pooh-poohing people food.

Yesterday I heard a rustling sound and turned to see Orange Gina sampling the chocolates in the open box of See's candies! Noooo!