Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Put up or shut up"

What to do about Prop. 2, from The Thin Green Line in the SF Chronicle:

With opposition to Props 7 and 10 virtually universal among greens and progressives, let's talk about Prop 2, the measure that would outlaw caging animals in spaces too small to allow them to stretch their limbs and move around. In theory, it applies to all farm animals, but in practice, it will affect almost exclusively poultry producers in the state.

It's chief sponsor is the Humane Society, and has enough grassroots support not to be a pay-to-play ballot measure brought to voters through the financial might of a business, out-of-state individual, or special interest group.

Factory farming can be an ugly, ugly thing, there's no question about it. PETA's videos on feedlots and pig farms are difficult even to watch. The only sane question to ask is whether Prop 2 is too broad, and might end up outlawing some humane practices as well.

Well worth the read, especially the comments.

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